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Friends tell me I'm passionate about sharing in my knowledge and have a great ability to explain technical concepts so that they are easy to understand. As well, I’ve worked full-time as an instructor teaching computer software. Combining those to skills with my love for photography was a natural progression and combination to teach people how to use a DSLR camera. The 3 technical basics of DSLR photography (actually, any photography) – aperture, shutter speed and ISO – make up the foundation of understanding that are required to using your DSLR camera. Nearly everything after that comes from your creative eye.

I am so confident that you will learn how to use your DSLR camera by attending my class that I guarantee my instruction. I will let you return for free as many times as you like for one year after your first class. And since I limit class size to 10 students, giving classes away to returning students is a costly proposition for me. However, I’m certain you’ll learn and won’t need to come back — but you are always welcome to do so!


With thanks to my aunt Jenny I discovered my interest in photography around age 10. Her hobby at the time was photography and I found myself fascinated with this large gadget that had a removable lens. However, it wasn't until I took a photography class in high school that I understood what these larger SLR devices were capable of. The camera and lens my aunt gave to me I used for that class and for many years to follow – until it broke, that is. Photography was just a very casual interest of mine and I did not replace the camera.

Around the time the camera broke (early 90's) I was exposed to digital photography. I was at a party where the host, with his digital camera, could take a photo and we could immediately view it on his TV. I was baffled to no end and I completely did not understand what digital meant. How is it possible a picture exists without film and a darkroom? This is magic!

Fast-forward to the mid 2000's and had the chance to use a point-and-shoot Kodak. With the camera in hand I took a few pictures of flowers around my house and was immediately enamored by the quality, color and instantaneousness of the photos. I quickly bought my own point and shoot and have since upgraded twice and now shoot with a full-frame Nikon D700.

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Purchasing a spot in my group photography class at my online store will automatically get you reserved on the date you selected during your purchase. You will receive subsequent emails from me regarding your specific class.

You may also purchase private, one-on-one lessons online. Please call me at 954.675.8085 or via an email .

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Learning Guarantee

All students can retake scheduled group sessions for free, unlimited, for 1-year after first instruction. Only limitation is that class sizes never exceed 10 and classes are first come, first serve.

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